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Bochemie’s contribution to the recycling scheme for 2021 20. 6. 2022

Thanks to its contribution to the EKO-KOM scheme, Bochemie’s involvement in the recycling scheme for 2021 meant that 48 tonnes of packaging waste was returned and recycled.

Our company’s contribution involves operating and servicing 131 coloured containers for sorted waste (for paper, glass, plastics, metals and drink cartons). So, we have enabled more than 1,782 residents to sort their waste.

Its contribution to the total reduction in greenhouse gas production was 195 tonnes of CO2 equivalent, thus saving 4,702 GJ of energy. This corresponds to the CO2 emissions produced by 91 medium-sized cars over the course of a year. The energy we have saved represents, for example, nine days of electricity consumption for public lighting in Prague.

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