Our industry

Our student projects

Collaboration with students

Thanks to this collaboration, we establish contacts with future graduates, stimulate their interest in the field and motivate them to come and work for us. Here, students can supplement their theoretical knowledge with practical experience, find out about the real working environment as well as our corporate values and culture. All this before they actually start work.

It is also vital for us that schools and especially teachers of vocational subjects get to know what kind of professionals we need and what is really important for a successful start in work.

Secondary schools

For students in the upper years we provide:

  • excursions to selected plants,
  • professional practice,
  • lectures / involvement in teaching by our experts during project days.

We currently collaborate with the Academician Heyrovský Secondary School of Chemistry in Ostrava and the Upper Secondary Technical School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Ostrava.


We feel very strongly that qualified and open-minded professionals are the key to long-term success. We provide enterprising students who are passionate about their field with: 

  • Professional practice in bachelor, master and engineering courses
    And not just focusing on chemistry but also, for example, marketing, HR etc., with the aim of developing in the particular professional field but also in organisational and communication skills.

  • Preparation of final theses
    Whether the topic is set by the university or is according to our current needs, but always taking into account the professional interests of the particular student, one of our experts will become your guarantor and guide you through the specific issues and interdisciplinary contexts.
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