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Bochemie crew on dragon boats 10. 6. 2021

After a one-year hiatus caused by bans associated with the coronavirus pandemic, the attractive dragon boat races were held for the ninth time this year on Saturday, 5 June, on Vrbické Lake in Bohumín.

The number of entries exceeded the organisers’ expectations, as there were thirty teams instead of the anticipated twenty. The teams that set off on the two-hundred-metre course included the traditional participants from Bohumín, Rychvald and Ostrava, who were joined by crews from Brno, Přerov and Pardubice.

We would like to thank our colleagues on the Bochemie team for their exemplary representation and congratulate them on their nice ninth-place finish on the short course and sixth place on the dreaded kilometre.

The Bochemie crew received financial support this year within our More to Life than Work sponsorship programme.

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